„created in Slovakia“ is a new project, which premier was on 27th – 30th of August in a village Čičmany. Lenka Sršňová (the cloths designer) and Nina Šošková (sculptor) are creators of this concept. The authors prepared the unique workshops where all visitors were making their own souvenir. In the end all visitors could bring home their original product. Inspired by Čičmany´s theme, the authors created a “semi-finished products” that were used by visitors to create their own souvenirs. The workshops were opened for public, tourists and also for inhabitants of Čičmany.
Both authors are fans of folk tradition and in a previous works they used to work with some parts of folk culture and folk theme. “Our aim is to interconnect art, design and folk culture to produce the attractive and original souvenirs that presence on the market is not sufficient. Through the workshops we want to work with people and point out the necessity of going back to the roots and folk tradition.”
To the residential part of the project the authors invited a group of artists from different field (architecture, designers and so on) that spent a few days in the village. The artists materialized their feelings and inspiration from the village into the art performances. Inseparable parts of the project were lecturers about the folk tradition, architecture, fashion, art and design. Zuzana Šidlíková (historian of fashion) gave a lecture “The folk tradition in contemporary design of clothes”. Daniela Ťapúchová (creator of folk clothes) prepared a lecture “About period clothes; embroidered and pleats of folk clothes”. Juraj Kudiak (inhabitant of Čičmany) made a commentated tour through the village. He focused on the history, architecture and ornamental paintings on different houses. After that he played on Slovak overtone flute and showed the way of making traditional socks – also called “nohavičky”.
The project “created in Slovakia” - Čičmany consist of two parts
The first part offered the original workshops for tourists. These workshops took place in centre Ľudovo umelecké Čičmany, which is famous for its free time activity for tourists. The public interest for the workshops was huge. The authors and organizers were very pleased that there were more people than they expected and planed. People from all age categories were there. Children from age three years, seniors, inhabitants and strangers, Slovak and foreigners came to Čičmany to make their own original souvenir.
Lenka Sršňová prepared hand-made T-shirts, toys and eco bags with the funny print of Čičmany´s cock. The visitors by themselves transformed them into funny, colourful and original pieces. Typical and beloved pieces were magnetic souvenirs in shape of Cock and Peacock from Čičmany, keys pendants or felt brooches designed by Nina Šošková. Nina also prepared a limited edition of wooden toys “Man and Woman”. She transformed these toys into a piece of the orginal art work. These couple “Man and Woman” are made for art and design lovers as well as for funs of folk culture and traditions.
The second part of the project was about the residents that were there, the artists and designers – Eva Tkáčiková (graphic arts), Michaela Bednárová (textile designer), Ondrej Jób (designer of writing system), Katarína Šoltýsová (architect) and Daniel Dluhý (documentary film maker). All of them had the unique opportunity to react and process their feelings about Čičmany.
The outputs will be processed and published in a catalogue and also on the web page http://www.vytvorenenaslovensku.sk
The organizing committee is currently working on the catalogue as well as on the next year project which will take place in Liptov.